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Subaru Genuine Spare Parts , Made in Japan






ALLEGRO SPARE PARTS TRADING LLC a prominent name amongst reputed and reliable suppliers of Subaru Genuine Spare Parts in Dubai market. We are based at the heart of the Auto Spare parts market in Deira, Dubai, UAE. We have more than two decades of experience in providing the Subaru Genuine Spare Parts valuable clients all over the world.

We have the wide range of Spare Parts for Subaru Alcyone SVX, Subaru Alcyone, Subaru Ascent , Subaru B9sc, Subaru Baja, Subaru Bighorn, Subaru BRAT, Subaru Brumby, Subaru BRZ, Subaru BRZ Concept STI, Subaru Chiffon, Subaru Crosstrek, Subaru Dex, Subaru Elaion, Subaru Exiga, Subaru FF-1 Star, Subaru Fiori, Subaru Forester, Subaru G, Subaru G3X Justy, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Impreza WRC, Subaru Impreza (second generation), Subaru Justy, Subaru Legacy, Subaru Legacy RS, Subaru Legacy (first generation), Subaru Legacy (second generation), Subaru Legacy (third generation), Subaru Legacy (fourth generation), Subaru Legacy (fifth generation), Subaru Legacy (sixth generation), Subaru Legacy (seventh generation), Subaru Leone, Subaru Levorg, Subaru Liberty, Subaru Liberty Exiga, Subaru Loyale, Subaru Lucra, Subaru Mini Jumbo, Subaru Outback, Subaru Outback Sport, Subaru Pleo, Prodrive P2, Subaru R-2, Subaru R1, Subaru R1e, Subaru R2, Subaru Rex, Subaru Sambar, Subaru Shifter, Subaru Stella, Subaru – Elten, Subaru Sumo, Subaru Traviq, Subaru Trezia, Subaru Tribeca, Subaru Vivio, Subaru Vortex, Subaru WRX, Subaru XT, Subaru XV, Subaru, Fast moving subaru parts,15208-AA100, 22401-AA570, 10966-AA030, 20414-AG070, 16546-AA020, 20204-AG030, 20204-AG011, 13271-AA071, 16546-AA090, 20470-SA001,13207-AA120, 13211-AA110, 22401-AA781, 16546-AA120, 22401-AA630, 13293-AA051, 28171-AJ000, 26296-FG010, 20206-AJ000, 22401-AA530, K0410-Y0700, 11126-AA000, 20254-AE020, 20414-SA000, 90914-0007, 80678-6040, 26696-AG031, 22401-AA700, 13271-AA051, 28373-FG000, 20464-SC010, 57253-AA010, 22401-AA731, 90913-0129, 20420-AJ000, 28055-AA003, 45137-AE003, 20254-AE040, 20204-AJ020,13294-AA053, 20414-FG020, 38325-AA032, 34161-SA001, 80391-6010, 13073-AA142, 80674-2160, 80673-2150, 80673-2160, 28323-AG010, 20254-AE010, 22401-AA830, 20204-SA000, 22401-KA080, 13085-AA080, 10966-AA041, 20420-AA004, 20414-SG000, 20401-AC011, 13028-AA231, 34160-AE000, 22401-AA720, 80673-3030, 42072-AA011, 22401-AA751, 20470-SA011, 73131-FC000, 22451-AA781, 22401-AA310, 13033-AA042, 20414-AJ130, 28016-AA030-8A, 20401-AA020, 28365-FE001, 90814-FC001, 45161-AG000, 22451-AA661, 21200-AA072, 14035-AA421, 80693-3010, 23242-GA400, 20320-FG002, 15208-AA160, 28316-AE000, 22454-AA140, 28023-AA011,41022-AE121, 22453-AA140,10991-AA001,80675-0050,20414-AJ120,22401-KA210,K0215-Y0273,23242-GA410,22401-AA670,13028-AA072,13073-AA190,20470-AE001,14035-AA383,28473-AG001,16546-AA070, North America in our ex-stock inventory. We have most of the fast moving items in our inventory. Non available items could be arranged from Japan by air or by sea.


ALLEGRO SPARE PARTS TRADING LLC's Subaru Genuine Parts operation has been rated highly by our valuable customers all over the world and consistently appreciated our timely services and prompt deliveries.

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We export more than 60 Countries mainly American Continents, Caribbean countries, Far East, African Continent, European Continent, CIS Countries and G.C.C.

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