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Genuine wholesale of OEM car parts
Genuine spare parts Dubai and Zambia
Nissan spare parts
Nissan spare parts Dubai and Zambia
Subaru spare parts
Genuine spare parts Dubai and Zambia
Isuza spare parts
Isuzu spare parts Dubai and Zambia
Mitsubishi spare parts
Mitsubishi spare parts Dubai and Zambia
Aftermarket replacement spares
Replacement spare parts Dubai and Zambia
Auto spare parts Zambia
Genuine auto spare parts in Zambia

Allegro Spare Parts Limited Zambia 

auto spare parts zambiaWHO WE ARE
Allegro Spare Parts Limited is a venture of Allegro Spare Parts Trading LLC based in Dubai.
Allegro Spare Parts Ltd. is a team of motivated professionals chasing the dream of redefining the Zambian spare parts distribution
industry as we know it. The company was started in 2017 in Lusaka and has been growing since then. Through its first venture, Allegro
Zambia, it aims to solve the problem of Genuine spare parts availability in Zambia,especially in the major towns and smaller cities
including Copper belt region. Allegro Zambia is totally committed to 100% customer satisfaction and is growing fast to reach out to
maximum numbers of customers.
Allegro Spare Parts Limited has tied-up with the leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of automotive spare parts to offer the largest variety of Genuine products at the best possible price. It aims to become the largest supplier of spare parts & services in Zambia within the next three years.
Allegro Spare parts Limited believes in solving the current problems of spare parts supply chain management by leveraging technology. It's strength lies in deep understanding of Zambias spare parts industry, robust supply chain management supported by our parent company. Allegro Spare parts Limited was launched with the vision to transform the domestic
spare parts distribution business and its employees are well ahead in achieving that vision.

We have taken care to bring you the widest collection of spare parts and accessories for your car in our inventory system. We are supplying Oil Filter, Petrol Filter, Air Filter, Diesel Filter, Brake Pads, Brake shoes, Spark Plugs, Clutch Discs , Clutch Covers (Pressure Plates), Complete range of suspension parts like Ball joints , tie rod ends, rack ends, Lower Arms, Upper Arms, Stabilizer Links, Bushings, Bearings, Timing Belts, Fan Belts, Ring Pistons, Pistons , Cylinder Liners, Engine Valves, Cylinder Heads , Crank Shafts, Fly Wheels, Oil Pumps, Transmission Parts, Sensors Etc. Etc. We even supply the non-available and non- stocking items / rare moving items on special order basis from our suppliers (Japan and Korea).
Trust Allegro Spare parts Limited to offer the best and highest variety of Genuine automobiles spare parts. So whether your car is a Nissan, Hyundai, Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi or any other make, we will provide the best spare parts for your car.

Allegro Spare Parts Limited
Plot # 3565
Chifinga Road ,
Next to Desiel Electric
Lusaka , Zambia

Mobile - +260973097618
Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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