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MAN Genuine Spare Parts in Dubai UAE



ALLEGRO SPARE PARTS TRADING LLC a prominent name amongst reputed and reliable suppliers of MAN Genuine Spare Parts in Dubai market. We are based at the heart of the Auto Spare parts market in Deira, Dubai. We have more than two decades of experience in providing the MAN Genuine Spare Parts valuable clients all over the world.

We have the complete range of Spare Parts for MAN LE / L2000,  MAN ME / M2000 evolution, MAN  FE / F2000, MAN CLA, MAN TGL, MAN TGM, MAN TGA, MAN TGX / TGS, MAN  TGE, MAN ERF Trucks, MAN  HX, MAN  LX / FX, MAN SX,  MAN 760 UO,  MAN/Krauss-Maffei Metrobus, MAN 640 HO, MAN  750 HO, MAN 890 UO,  MAN 890 UG, MAN 535 HO, MAN SG220-18-2, MAN 750 HO-SL / SL 192, MAN 750 HO-SÜ / SÜ230, MAN 890 SG  /SG192, MAN SL200, MAN  SÜ240, MAN SD200, MAN SG220, MAN SG240 SG280 H, MAN  SG220, MAN SG310, MAN NL 222, MAN SL202, MAN SG242 SG282 H, MAN SG242/ SG262 / SG292 / SG312 / SG322, MAN SD202, MAN SÜ242 / SG272 / SG292 / SG312 / SG322, MAN SM152 / SM182, MAN NL202, MAN NG272, MAN NM152 / NM182, MAN NL202 / NL222 / NL262 / NL312, MAN NL262 R, MAN NG262 / NG272 / NG312,  MAN NM152 / NM192, MAN ND202, MAN EL202 / EL222 /  EL262 / EL272, MAN SL40-102, MAN NG313, MAN NÜ223 / NU233/  NU263 / NU283 / NU313, MAN NÜ313 / NU353-15, MAN NL223 / NL233 / NL243 / NL263 / NL283 / NL313, MAN NL313 / NL353-15, MAN NM223 / NL283, MAN NG223 / NG243 / NG263 / NG313 / NG353 / NG363, MAN EL223 / EL263 / EL283 / EL293, MAN  SG263 / SG313, MAN SL223 / SL263 / SL283 MAN SÜ283 /SU313, MAN ÜL363-13,7, MAN  RÜ240 / RU280 MAN ÜL242 / UL272 / UL292 / UL312 / UL322, MAN ÜM192 / UM222, MAN ÜL313 / UL353  / UL363 MAN R353 / R363, MAN SR240 / SR280, MAN SR240 / SR280H, MAN SR321 / SR361, MAN  SR321H/ SR361H, MAN SR292 / SR362, FR292 / FR362, MAN SR292 / SR362H,  FRH292 / FRH362,  MAN FRH 422/402, MAN RH 403/463, MAN RHS 414/464/484, MAN  RH353 / RH363 / RH403 / RH413 / RH423 / RH463, MAN MKN630, MAN 11.190 HOCL,  MAN NL 323 F, MAN MKN 26, MAN MKN 630, MAN MKH 2,  MAN MKH 4, MAN  530 HOC, MAN 535 HOC, MAN 545 HOC, MAN 558 HOC, MAN 420 HOC, MAN   FOCL (L53), MAN 10.xxx HOCL, MAN  11.xxx HOCL midi, MAN 12.xxx HOCL-NL (A76), MAN  12.xxx HOCL (A77), MAN  13.xxx HOCL/SR (A53), MAN  14.xxx HOCL-NL (A66), MAN 14.xxx HOCL, MAN  16.xxx HOCL (470/475), MAN  18.xxx HOCL-NL (A69), MAN 18.xxx HOCL (A51/R33), MAN  19.xxx HOCL (R33), MAN  24.xxx HOCLN (474/A54/R37), MAN  24.xxx HOCLNR-NL (A57/A59), MAN 28.xxx HGOCL (A61), MAN  EL 202 F (A17), MAN  ND 202 F (A14), MAN NL 202 F (898/A29), MAN ND xx3 F (A34/A48/A95), MAN NG xx3 F (A24), MAN  NL xx3 F (A22), MAN NM xx3 F (A35), MAN SL 18.xxx HOC (A89), MAN SÜ xx3 F (A91) in our ex-stock inventory. We have most of the fast moving items in our inventory. Non available items could be arranged from Germany by air or by sea.

Truck Part Pro supplies original MAN Truck Parts and aftermarket MAN truck spare parts its customers, with high quality and well-known brands. We stock very huge MAN truck parts in our warehouse. As a one of biggest MAN Truck Parts Suppliers, we care only the happiness of our all clients. We also try to cargo all orders right on time, not late not early.. We get our motivation from the good feedbacks of our clients. That’s why we work clean and carefully from packaging all truck parts to shipping the country, where our client from is. Once our workers of warehouse get the order, they make a well plan that includes from getting MAN truck parts from our manufacturers to sticker of each part. Beside of our warehouse workers, our export specialists supply you reports and informations about the process we work on. For us communication with our clients is must. However, they always discuss about the order with our manufacturers to find right MAN truck spare parts that were ordered. Working hard brings us success and we will never give up! If you have also some inquiries and needs for aftermarket MAN truck parts, you can contact with our export specialist to get your parts in a faster and cheaper way.